Indusviva Products

An Overview of The Indus Viva Company


The Indus Viva is a company that takes care of people’s health and fitness. The headquarters of Indus Viva is located in Bangalore. It is one of the leading herbal and Agriculture Company. It also has an experience of 25 years in this agriculture fields. They manufacture their products by using nature items and those fresh produce is being sold in markets.


This company is honored for their honest service and constant selling company in India. They supply their materials all over the world which are also available in online stores. You can buy those products easily online by a simple method. It can be delivered to your correct location unless the correct address is entered.


The Indus started their company as a non-governmental company and it is the first company that got the MNC certificate from the government in India. It has organized four different events in different places such as Dubai, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Singapore within 2 years representing India.


Products of IndusViva:


It is proud to say that it is the first company that carries the bills with the MRP and also ensures that there is no sales tax and income tax for the state. This company is connected with more than 4,000,000 direct sellers in different places in different countries. It conducted the events almost in seven countries across the world such as in the US, India Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal countries. 

Indusviva Products
Indusviva Products


It has established more products related to human health and fitness wellness. Here we have listed some of the products which give more benefits for the human with valuable price in online. Using those products will make you confident in front of everyone in which your appearance will grab the people’s attention in the crowd. 


I – Pulse:


This product is made from different types of berries and the main ingredient is acai berry that is developed by NASA. It consists of an antioxidant property that protects us from fatal diseases like cancer and many more. This type of property will stop the oxidation process in the body and also promotes anti-aging.


I – Coffee


This coffee product is made up of many hubs and the main ingredient is Salacia reticulata. It adds more healthy nutrition without affecting the taste of the original coffee powder. It is used to improve our health condition and reduce the risk from many dangerous diseases. It always keeps our mind fresh and active. This product also helps to reduce weight loss and get relief from mental stress. 


I – Slim


The Indus Viva releases a weight loss product that consists of Salacia reticular, Coleus forskohlii, and Sesamum indicum. It also consists of pancreatic enzymes, vitamins, and minerals which will actives the antioxidant to reduce body weight. It increases the metabolism process to burn the fats from your body than it consumes naturally.


I – Glow


It is the latest products that are released from the Indus Company in which it aims to make our skin glow and shine. It uses the main ingredient as the Kashmiri Saffron that makes the skin looks young and repairs the cellular level. If this glow is used regularly then the shininess of skin will attract the people and they will have an eye on you.


I – Charge


It is the type of energy drink that boosts up the energy and makes it fresh the whole day. Kanna, Ashwagandharishta, Balarishta, Patrangasava, and Drakshasava are the five different herbs used. The main benefit of this drink is to make human activity, stress relief, and sharp eyesight. 


Indus connecting to different countries:


This Indus viva is connected to many countries around the world to distribute their products and services. The products are available online where people from different countries can make use of these products efficiently.  

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