Direct Selling Guidelines

Direct Selling (MLM) Guidelines 2018 – Govt of Kerala [Download Updated 2018]

[Download MLM Guideline 2018] These are guiding principles for the State Government/Monitoring Authority set-up by the State Government for regulating the business of “Direct Selling” and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and strengthen the existing regulatory mechanism on Direct Selling and MLM, for preventing fraud and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Clause 1: Definitions […]

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Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India

Top 10 Direct Selling Companies In India

See The below listed Top 10 Direct Selling Companies, #Network Marketing Companies and MLM Companies in India  2018, Direct selling companies are those companies which don’t involve any middle-man between the seller and the buy which will be mutually beneficial for both buyer and the seller.This one of the most successful modern marketing methods and […]

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