Direct Selling Guidelines

Direct Selling (MLM) Guidelines 2018 – Govt of Kerala [Download Updated 2018]

[Download MLM Guideline 2018] These are guiding principles for the State Government/Monitoring Authority set-up by the State Government for regulating the business of “Direct Selling” and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and strengthen the existing regulatory mechanism on Direct Selling and MLM, for preventing fraud and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Clause 1: Definitions […]

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Indusviva Company Review

Indusviva Company Review 2021

For those who want to know about #Indusviva Company Review or to find out how Indusviva as a Company is different. Read below: Indusviva Company Review यह कम्पनी MLM Industry में भारत सरकार द्वारा Recognized First MLM Company है l यह कम्पनी MLM Industry में एक मात्र कम्पनी Peoples Company है l यह भारत की […]

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Why Join Indusviva

MLM Companies to Join

Best MLM Companies To Join In case you‘re searching out the satisfactory MLM employer to sign up for this year; reading comp plans, products and possibilities for top groups is difficult.  Right here are the pinnacle 25 multi-stage advertising corporations based totally on products, tendencies and your potential to make cash in 2018: 25. Empower network. 24. International Ventures. 23. wealthy affiliate. 22. Nerium. 21. Usana. 20. Developing a list of the top multi-level marketing corporations of 2018 is the need of the day, specifically at a time whilst human beings are preferring a fruitful and financially independent profession in community advertising and marketing over the rat race […]

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