Delhi University Network Marketing Syllabus

Delhi University’s Network Marketing Course

Business Plan indusviva network marketing

This gives us the pride to present to you one of the best things in this category. With the way years have passed trying to justify why is best.

For very long the industry has been suffering a lot of negativity due to its nonacceptance in society because of some people who used this as a tool to fool others and make money for themselves.

Which Is Indias No.1 Network Marketing Company

There was a lot of hue and cry in the industry to regularize the Network Marketing Industry in India. With that being said, this market has not only been regularized by the government in September 2016 and been granted a legal status under a formulated structure. It has also been acknowledged as a category that can employ a lot of people and entrepreneurs in our country.

In order to achieve this, surely, lot of knowledge was required to be imparted to the incumbents who wanted to get ahead in this category through knowledge and education. One of the most encouraging development has been Network Marketing Course begin introduced in Delhi University as one of the very important electives.

Please find attached the Chapter in the course. Which is a testimony in itself that network marketing has finally found its way. Click here to download:- Delhi University Networking Marketing Course

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