Which Is India’s No.1 Network Marketing Company

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If you are looking for India’s No. 1 Network Marketing Company, then you have certainly come to the right place. Why do we say so?

Ok, let’s discuss this first, what makes a Company, a No. 1 Company in any country?

Here are certain basic things to look into.

  1. The Industry
  2. Product
  3. The Team
  4. The Compensation Plan
  5. The Reach / Serving Market
  6. Product Pricing
  7. Growth Plan

Find out what Indus Viva really tells you about themselves.

Among the Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India, with the Best Plans for its people. has never failed to sweep the Wellness Industry off its feet. Harmony in its Work Culture, Employee-Friendly Environment with a Dedicated and Committed Management to make each move crucial and Self-Sufficient. IndusViva grows into the profile of the World’s Best Network Marketing Company. Having created a hundred of plus Millionaires within Two Years, IndusViva has the Top Income Earners in Indian Multi-Level Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has become the new page of Entrepreneurship and IndusViva is the Most described, Well-theorized, Practically proved lesson, that gives the complete wisdom about MLM business in India…….

We are committed to provide world-class Wellness & Nutrition products and help to enrich the lives of every distributor and customer associated with us…….

IndusViva is definitely the Best Multi-Level Marketing Company in India. In its Vision and in it’s Mission, it has stated what it wanted to see from the world through the firm. Through its action, they have proved to the world that IndusViva is the Best Network Marketing Company in India. They believe that the liberation of Human time and Financial Freedom are the most important part of a Healthy, Stabilized life of any individual. And through its Best, Unique, World Class Products, IndusViva touches the Wellness consciousness of the world…….

To establish a direct selling MNC which people can rely upon for a lifetime, with World Class Exclusive WellnessProducts, and also to allow proper compensation to the distributors for their effort…….

Growing into a High Profile Success Story was just a matter of time for the Young and Vibrant, 4-year-Old Futuristic Organization IndusViva. Then headquartered at World Trade Centre, Bengaluru, IndusViva was founded on January 17, 2014. Enriched by 1, 80,000 Direct Sellers across India, IndusViva is the one destination you may drive-in, to identify yourself in congruence with what you have always dreamed about. It is the Most Ethical Multi-Level Marketing Company in India. The journey towards the unparalleled victory through its Ethical and Efficiency Optimized systems is a flawless fruit bore by VibrantViva, the Company Owned and Operated Business Education system, launched on January 27, 2014, to ensure that their Distributors are Professionally trained and mentored in every step of their vibrant career. Proving that IndusViva is the most reliable Multi-Level Marketing Company in India. Another year added and IndusViva moved beyond the 21st century in all its conceptions, luxury and strategies setting up a trend that any enthusiastic entrepreneurial soul could look up to…….. Read More

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