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IndusViva HealthSciences Pvt Ltd (Indus Viva) is an Indian direct selling company founded in Bangalore in 2014. As a direct selling company, Indus Viva has touted health products. There are only five products in Indus Viva:

  • I-Pulse 
  • I-Charge 
  • I-Coffee 
  • I-Slim 
  • I-Glow 

A brief description of this product. Compared to most other MLM companies, Indusviva has a concise range of products.

However, Indus Viva products have two particularities. First of all, the product’s packaging is the most important thing: it looks like the product is, in fact, a brand.

There are other websites specifically designed for each product for the following I-Pulse, I-Charge, I-Coffee, I-Slim 4 products. But it is not necessary.


indus viva ipulseI-Pulse is a healthy drink made from several berries, but the essential ingredient is the acai berry.

It has antioxidant properties which can prevent the oxidation process in our body. Antioxidants can promote anti-ageing and protect us against deadly diseases such as cancer and heart disease.


Indusviva iCharge Buy OnlineNext on the list is the I-charge energy drink. It contains five herbs from Kanna, Ashwa Gandari Stei, Barista and Patorangasava from Rakushasa Bar.

The strengths of I-Charge are excellent visibility, alertness, stress relief and long term energy.


Indusviva iCoffee Order Online

Juniper coffee from I-Coffee India, its main ingredient is Salacia reticulate and other herbs.

It claims to provide more nutrition without affecting the taste of Indusviva coffee.




indus viva ISlimI-Slim Fat Berry Stick is an Indas Viva weight loss product. Contains type S mesh and sesame seeds.

Indusviva claims to contain vitamins and minerals by acting on specific pancreatic enzymes of I-Slim. This substance promotes antioxidant activity and intelligently helps the body to reduce excess fat through it.


 indusviva iglowI-Glow is the latest addition to the Indusviva product list.

As the name suggests, I-Glow is an unmanageable beauty product.

According to Indusviva, its main ingredient is Kashmir saffron, which can slow ageing, strengthen skin collagen, and repair at the cellular level. You can directly say that the purpose of this product is to make your skin glow.

Benefits and side effects of Indus Viva products

  • So let’s take a look at the benefits and side effects of Indusviva products. In theory, the benefits of products can be derived from the official Indusviva website or the Indusviva distribution.
  • Nausea, indigestion, and vomiting are the most common side effects, probably due to sensitivity to the ingredients used. Side effects vary from person to person.
  • In most cases, side effects are caused by excessive consumption by the body or other reactions to the product’s ingredients. It is suitable not only for Indusviva products but also for most food and health supplements.
  • Sensitive people with severe allergic reactions can start with small amounts of the product and gradually increase the dose to the limit.
  • Do not use Yucommia industrial products and other supplements to treat any disease or condition without your doctor’s advice.

Industrial product prices in India

Each Indusviva product has an MRP of Rs 2,997.50, and each product costs around Rs 3,100, as all have to pay an additional Rs 100 for free.

Return 20% of the MRP proceeds to your registered indusviva distribution account. This can be called a retail profit.

Indusviva product review

We are not the founders of Indusviva. Our work allows you to compare direct selling companies and draw conclusions. The downside to Indusviva is that it contains very few products. Major competitors such as Vestige, Modicare and Mi Lifestyle have 100-300 products, but indusviva has only 5. So direct sales have no choice.

As mentioned earlier, Indusviva products look better than most other MLM companies. The company has put a lot of effort into product development, especially packaging. However, there is no doubt that products are as expensive as most of the direct competitors.

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