Indusviva A Fake Company

Is Indusviva A Fake Company?


Does Indusviva scam? Definitely no! Indusviva claims to be the perfect company, which is quite popular for making good products.  With a piece of proper educational knowledge, the company runs for the right cause. Mostly focusing on people’s health and wealth, indusviva helps you become happy that you fail to get from many other companies.

Founded in 2014, this health and wellness organization is under the guidance of “Bio Actives Japan Corporation”, which has its headquarters in Bangalore. Very happy to say that this seems to be India’s first MLM company to receive a valid license from the government.

In fact, their products come up with Ayush Premium Certification since the products undergo various tests and examinations to get validated clinically. Even, customers who are not satisfied with products are likely to 30-day money-back assurance.

Products manufactured:

As said before, the organization is known to manufacture and market its unique products. To protect people against serious health conditions, Indusviva offers five different kinds of products including i-pulse, i-coffee, i-charge, i-slim, and i-glow.

I-pulse – The intention of this product is to fight vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. The active ingredient included is Acai Berry, which is effective in improving heart diseases, immune systems, and cancer prevention.

I-Coffee: This item comes with a sugar control system to refresh your body and mind. It helps in your weight management too.

I-Charge: As the name suggests, the product is meant to charge your immune system and improve your everyday activities.

I-slim: It supports your weight management and is available in the form of chocolate bars. Weight management is achieved by removing saturated fat and helps in building good fat in the body.

I-Glow: The items use saffron obtained from Kashmir Valley. But, it is an edible product and not the cosmetic one. It does not help in skin rejuvenation yet also enhances your overall appearance.

Business strategy:

To assist you to get income from different sources, indusviva incorporates a compensation plan as their best business strategy and it includes:

  • Reward program
  • Retail profit
  • Bonus from top retailers
  • Team bonus
  • Bonus from business commencement
  • Royalty
  • Rank maintenance bonus
  • Presidential upgrading bonus
  • Bonus from matching elite businesses

A different source of income:

  1. Retail profit:

You can enjoy a 20% cashback when you buy any of the above five products.

  1. Bonus from top retailers:

You will earn the cash price of Rs. 50,000 for making the highest sales in the country. For second-highest, Rs. 25,000 cash price would be rewarded.

You can make money in two ways. Yes, you can personally earn from your turnover together with a profit share from the turnover of your team.

  1. Royalty:

The royalty starts as minimally as Rs. 50,000. Half of the company’s profit is set for sales and marketing and the surplus amount goes to the royalty pool. The amount gets distributed equally for every qualifying month.

What should I do?

  • Retail the products to make the customer base
  • You need to covert the regular customers into direct sellers
  • Now, you need to help them recruit more buyers and become a network
  • You can now produce consistent turnover from your network if you prepare the direct sellers to sell products regularly.
  • To do so, you ought to gain essential skills through a consistent and determined focus and action for years.

Bottom lines:

IndusViva is a legal entity, which got recognized for its multi-level marketing. The sellers of this company are certified with perfect profiles. With good team support, indusviva has the right business plan to sell the right products.

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