Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India 2020

A Brief on the Top 10 MLM Companies in India [2021]

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A Brief on the Top 10 MLM Companies in India

MLM companies which are also referred to as Network marketing companies offer tons of opportunities to people to make some extra money. No matter how much experience you have and what is your educational qualification all can gain the benefit by joining an MLM company. Presently, the MLM business is the fastest growing industry in the country and offers lots of options to earn money.

One can join an MLM company following in the top MLM companies in India as a part-time employee or full-time member and can earn a whopping amount to meet their family needs with royalty income too.

The Top 10 MLM Companies in India are detailed below:

1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is amongst the top 10 MLM companies in India which were established in 2013. The company provides several premium quality lifestyle products that have received approval from the Ministry of AYUSH. The company’s current revenue surpasses INR 1500 crore mark. In case you want to be a part of this MLM Company, then you can register with the company and join their wide network of distributors. One can join using varied mediums. One can also visit the official registration page and complete the form with the required information.

2. Amway India

Amway sells more than 150 personal care and health products via distributed marketing and always remained one of the most popular choices amongst the people who look for quality products. People can be a part of the Amway family by doing the registration for the same. One can be a part of Amway family by filling the form along with submitting all the necessary documents. Within 24 hours a new ID will be generated. People can initially start selling their products to their known ones and can encourage them to join the network. This is a great opportunity to start earning a huge amount each month as a passive income. Visit anytime.

3. Herbalife

Like Amway, Herbalife is also one of the prestigious MLM Company that operates in India too. Some of the amazing and best nutritional supplements created using herbs and fruits are offered by the company. All the Herbalife products are sold entirely by its associates and none of the products is made available in any general stores. One can be a part of the Herbalife family by paying an initial membership kit worth $60 and all the associates are entitled to get 25% off on every purchase. Then the associates can sell the same products at a retail price to others and earn significant profits on them.

4. Forever Living

Forever Living is a US-based MLM company that is amongst the most popular MLM companies operating in India. Forever Living’s MLM plan is quite straightforward. People planning to join an MLM company have to become an FBO (Forever Business Owner) member and purchase products at a wholesale price and then offer them for sale at retail price to your friends. This way they can get up to 45% commissions. Also, Forever Living offers bonuses as well and its associates can get Group Volume Bonus up to 13% on each of the team members working under them.

5. Modicare

Modicare is the fastest growing MLM companies in India that have a huge clientele across the country. The company offers different types of products in the Wellness, Skin Care, and Personal care category, among others. The company has a unique business plan popularly referred to as Azadi Plan. Under this plan, the Modicare consultants are entitled to get products at 20-25% cheaper rates and sell the same at the MRP rates. Moreover, the consultants who have the highest sales volume get awarded with Power Seller Bonus which varies from 5% – 20%, based on Business Volume. Also, Accumulative Performance Bonus is awarded to the deserving consultants and they get profits varying from 7% and 22%.

6. RCM

RCM is the country’s largest direct selling company having more than 10 million direct selling partners located across the country. The main products of the company include grocery items, cosmetics, and garments. There are more than 750 different kinds of products available for the end buyers. In case you become a direct seller of the company, you can promote the company’s products and get good incentives based on purchases made by people whom you recommend the products.  The associates can purchase items at a 15% discount and sell at a higher MRP, thus getting profit between 15% and 20%.  Associates are entitled to get awards as well and more benefits.

7. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is another direct selling company that is among the top 10 MLM companies in India. The company offers premium quality health and personal care products. From health supplements to air purifier to personal beauty products, different varieties of products can be purchased from Vestige. First of all, one needs to do the registration as a Vestige Distributor and start promoting the company’s products to a wider audience. The individuals can get money not only by selling products to others but they are also entitled to receive leadership bonuses, pool income, and more advantages.

8. Oriflame

Oriflame is an international beauty company having a significant presence in India. The company mainly deals in beauty and skincare products. One can register with Oriflame as a consultant by filling the form to start selling products to others on behalf of the company. Post completing registration as a VIP customer, you are entitled to get products at a discount of 20% to 40%. Good profit can be earned by selling them at a higher MRP. The associates can get immediate profit combined with business class benefits.

9. Avon

Avon offers several beauty and skincare products for women. One can easily become an Avon representative by registering at the official website. Post becoming Avon representative, individuals can buy their best-in-class products at a discount up to (initially 15%) to 30% and offer for sale to their friends and relatives. In case you have developed a team and then you are entitled to receive higher commissions on group sales. The Avon representative can earn anywhere between INR 20,000 to INR 3, 00,000 per month, based on monthly sales.

10. Future Maker

Products related to Health care, Personal care, and Homecare products are offered for sale by Future Maker. One can easily become a direct seller for Future Maker. Based on their business plan, direct sellers get the freedom to decide MRP that they will be charging from their customers. So one can purchase products from Future-Maker at great discounts and offer it for sale at a higher price to your customers.

Exclusive Listing below

IndusViva Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Not to mention IndusViva, which might not feature in the so-called top 10 list that is because it is very less visible because it’s very young. However, the number of people working in IndusViva and the compensation plans make it really the top company. Checkout out it if you want to join or check its products to do your research.


These are the top 10 MLM companies in India that you can join. In case you are among the ones who want to join one of the MLM Company then refer to these companies. Check their official website to know more about their exciting opportunities.

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