Top 100 MLM Companies In India – [Updated 2021]

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Nowadays MLM business or Multi-level Marketing has become a trend in the business world. It forms its own network of people to promote the business or to have a direct sale of the product or service. One of the main factors for obtaining MLM success and its advantages is the actual MLM opportunity you choose to join. Considering the trend, many successful MLM companies are available serving worldwide.

Direct selling companies make the business simple to earn the profit easily by getting connected to the network of people. These companies benefit you to enhance your business

MLM provides a great income for any type of business. The MLM compensation plan decided by the organization makes the difference in the profit earned by each company.

While making a list of top 100 direct selling companies, we took care of the following points.

  • World’s best and successful top network marketing companies
  • Direct Selling business opportunities
  • Listed the worldwide network marketing companies
  • Created list of old companies as well as best direct sales companies who are performing outstanding in the market

When you are looking for any direct sale opportunities, please consider the following options

  • Regarding their products or service
  • Field of experience
  • Compensation plan or commission rates offered
  • Customer survey/ Customer review
  • Opportunities in the business

In this article, we will look into the list of Top 100 MLM companies listed based on their revenues earned in their business.

Sl.NoCompany NameWebsiteCountryRevenue in USDProductsFounded Year
1.Amwaywww.amway.comUSA8.80 BillionHealth, Beauty, and Home care1959
2.Avonwww.avon.comUSA5.70 BillionBeauty, Household, and personal care1886
3.Herbalifewww.herbalife.comUSA4.50 BillionNutrition and weight control products1980 BillionBeauty products, Household, and personal care, skin care, solar filters, cosmetics, perfume and hair care products1969
5.Vorwerkwww.vorwerk.comGermany4.20 BillionHousehold appliances, fitted kitchens or cosmetics1883
6.Mary Kaywww.marykay.comUSA3.50 BillionCosmetics and personal care products Cosmetics and personal care products1963
7.Infinituswww.infinitus-int.comChina3.41 BillionHealth products1992
8.Perfectwww.perfect100.comChina3.06 BillionHealth care, household, and personal care, skin care products1994
9.Quanjianen.ziranyixue.comChina2.89 BillionHerbal medicine2006
10.Forever Livingwww.foreverliving.comUSA2.6 BillionDrinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and personal care products1978 BillionSkin care and cosmetics1929
12.Nu Skinwww.nuskin.comUSA2.28 BillionPersonal care products and dietary supplements1984
13.Tupperwarewww.tupperware.comUSA2.26 Billionkitchen and home products1948
14.Melaleucawww.melaleuca.comUSA2 BillionNutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, facial care, home hygiene, and other wellness products1985
15.Primericawww.primerica.comUSA1.69 BillionInsurance and financial services1977
16.Oriflamewww.oriflame.comLuxembourg1.6 BillionCosmetics, beauty, skin care products1967
17.Young Livingwww.youngliving.comUSA1.5 BillionHealth products, oils, personal care and animal care1993
18.Rodan and Fieldswww.rodanandfields.comUSA1.5 Billionskin care products2002
19.Lyonesswww.lyoness.comAustria1.39 BillionService(Cashback)2003
20.New Erawww.5dgz.comChina1.16 BillionHealth nutrition, cosmetics, personal care, household, textile, home appliances1995
21.DXNwww.dxn2u.comMalaysia1.10 BillionHealth food & beverages, skincare, household, home appliances1993
22.Ambit Energywww.ambitenergy.comUSA1.1 BillionElectricity and natural gas services2006
23.Belcorpwww.belcrop.bePeru1.09 Billionagrochemical products1968
24.USANAwww.usana.comUSA1.04 BillionNutritional products, dietary supplements and skincare products1992
25.Le-Velwww.le-vel.comUSA1 BillionHealth care and Wellness products2012
26.SUN, Indonesia & Taiwan0.94 BillionHealth products1978
27.Isagenixwww.isagenix.comUSA0.92 BillionDietary supplements and personal care products2002
28.Yanbalwww.yanbal.comPeru0.92 BillionCosmetics, beauty products, jewellery1967 BillionElectronic gadgets, automobile, jewelry, steel products1926
30.Gano Excelwww.ganoexcel.comMalaysia0.890 BillionHerbal health care products1995
31.WorldVentureswww.worldventures.comUSA0.88 BillionMembership of discount vacation clubs and sales of travel services2005
32.Team Beachbodywww.teambeachbody.comUSA0.863 BillionHealth foods/nutrition food1998
33.Shakleewww.shaklee.comUSA0.84 BillionNutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products1956
34.Market Americawww.marketamerica.comUSA0.820 BillionHealthcare, cosmetics and skincare1992
35.ACNwww.acninc.comUSA0.750 BillionElectro communications, energy, merchant services and other services1993
36.Neffulwww.neffulusa.comUSA0.75 BillionClothing, cleaning products1973
37.YandiNAChina0.740 BillionNutrition and cleaning products2011
38.Streamwww.mystream.comUSA0.737 BillionEnergy and connected life services2004
39.Captain tortueuk.captaintortue.comEngland0.71 Billionfashion & clothes1993
40.YOFOTOwww.yofoto.netChina0.696 BillionHealth care and Wellness products2004
41.Vision International People Groupwww.vipgroup.netCyprus0.69 BillionFood, health products, cosmetics1996
42.It Works!www.itworks.comUSA0.686 BillionBeauty, wellness, and weight loss products2001
43.Arbonnewww.arbonne.comUSA0.600 BillionBeauty, Health and Wellness products1975
44.Plexus Worldwidewww.plexusworldwide.comUSA0.562 BillionHealth care products2006
45.Arbonnewww.arbonne.comUSA0.541 BillionCosmetics, skincare and nutrition products1980 BillionFood supplements, health products1966
47.Advocarewww.advocare.comUSA0.472 BillionHealth, nutrition & wellness, and dietary supplements1993
48.Scentsywww.scentsy.com0.46 USABillionscent, oils, food, kids products2004
49.Rolmexwww.rolmex.comChina0.459 Billionkitchen wares, cleaning products, cosmetics and nutritional products2001
50.LegalShieldwww.legalshield.comUSA0.450 BillionLegal service products1972
51.QNetwww.qnet.netHong Kong0.415 BillionEnergy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, and fashion accessories1998
52.Fordaysen.fordays.jpJapan0.38 BillionDietary supplements and Cosmetics1997
53.Nature’s Sunshinewww.naturessunshine.comUSA0.342 Billion1993
54.Sisel Internationalwww.sisel.netUSA, Switzerland(HQ)0.34 BillionNatural Health Supplements, personal care products, cosmetics, anti-aging Products, Safe and Effective Household Products2006
55.4Life Researchwww.4life.comUSA0.316 BillionBeauty, Health and Fitness products1998
56.LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbHwww.lrworld.comGermany0.301 BillionBeauty and Health products1985
57.Stella & Dotwww.stelladotfamily.comUSA0.300 Billionskincare products2003
58.Alphay Internationalintl.getalphay.comUSA0.252 BillionHealth, food and lifestyle products2002
59.Cutco Cutlerywww.cutco.comUSA0.222 BillionHome appliance1949
60.Take Shape For Life(Optavia)www.optavia.comUSA0.22 BillionHealth care products1980
61.Southwestern Advantagewww.southwesternadvantage.comUSA0.218 BillionEducational reference books,software, college prep materials1855
62.LifeVantagewww.lifevantage.comUSA0.207 Billionwellness and personal care products2007
63.Vestige Marketingwww.myvestige.comIndia0.200 Billionpremium cosmetics, health and personal care products2004
64.Pampered Billionkitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks1980
65.NHT Globalwww.naturalhealthtrendscorp.comUSA0.198 BillionBeauty, Lifestyle, Wellness, Herbal, Home, and Baby2001
66.ForeverGreenwww.forevergreen.orgUSA0.184 BillionHealth care products1999
67.Princess Housewww.princesshouse.comUSA0.178 BillionKitchen products1963
68.ARIIXwww.ariix.comUSA0.178 BillionNutritional supplements, skincare, weight loss, and water purification system1979
69.Mannatechwww.mannatech.comUSA0.176 BillionDietary supplements and personal care products1993
70.World Global Networkwebsite.worldgn.comUSA0.165Wearable technology, cellular devices, and VOIP communications app to improve wellness and achieve a healthier lifestyle2011
71.Kannawaywww.kannaway.comUSA0.15 BillionCBD supplements and hemp oil products2014
72.Naris BillionSkincare products1932
73.Youngevitywww.youngevity.comUSA0.142 BillionHealth, nutrition, oil, food & beverages, fashion1997
74.Fuxionwww.fuxion.comUSA0.141 Billionhealth, food products2006
75.Tiens/Tianshiwww.tiens.comChina0.118 Billionwellness products and dietary supplements1995
76.Golden Sunwww.goldensunmarketing.comUSA0.103 Billionfresh produce industrial products1976
77.Immunotecwww.immunotec.comCanada0.102 Billionnutrition and wellness products1996
78.Zurvitawww.zurvita.comUSA0.100 Billionhealth products2008
79.DubLi Networkwww.dublinetwork.comUSA0.032 BillionTravel, Shopping and Entertainment services2003
80.Jewels by Park Lanewww.parklanejewelry.comUSA$0.150 BillionJewels1955
81.GNLDwww.neolife.comUSA$0.178 BillionHealth products/ nutrition products1958
82.Mistinewww.mistinecosmetics.comThailand$0.407 Billioncosmetic products1998
83.PartyLitewww.partylite.comNA$0.273 Billionparty products1973
84.ASEAwww.aseaglobal.comUSA$0.070 Billionskin care and health products2007
85.bHip Globalwww.bhipglobal.comUSA$0.74 BillionHealth, personal care, skin care2007
86.FM Groupuk.fmworld.comUnited Kingdom$0.110 BillionFragrances, personal care, cosmetics, home goods, foods2007
87.Kang TingNAChina$0.348 BillionCosmetics1998
88.Global Wealth Tradewww.gwtcorp.comCanadaHealth , Beauty and Fashion2005
89.Javitawww.javita.comUSAcoffee products2011
90.Kyaniwww.kyani.comUSA$0.100 BillionHealth care and Beauty2007
91.Morindawww.morinda.comUSA$0.225 Billionskincare,oil products,cosmetics, beverages1993
92.Organo Goldwww.organogold.comUSA$0.214 BillionBeverages, body care and personal care2008
93.Shopping Sherlockwww.shoppingsherlock.comLatviae-commerce (products)1992
94.Bode-Prowww.bodepro.comUSA$0.010 BillionNutrition products2004
95.Nucerity Internationalwww.nucerity.comUSA$0.035 BillionSkincare products2008
96.Stampin Upwww.stampinup.comUSA$0.124 Billionhandmade cards, papercrafting projects, memory keeping, and home décor.1993
97.Zriiwww.zrii.comUSA$0.021 Billionskincare and wellness products2007
98.Send Out Cardswww.sendoutcards.comUSA$0.006 Billiononline cards2003
99.31Giftswww.mythirtyone.comGerman$0.516 BillionWoman fashion2003
100.Unicity Internationalwww.unicity.comUSA$0.265 BillionHealth and Fitness2001

If you are looking for the German based network marketing companies, we have the separate list of Top MLM companies in Germany

To leverage the profits of Network Marketing business you need to connect with the best MLM company that grants you a very good income.


We have listed out the top 100 MLM companies in the world based on the revenues earned by the Network Marketing companies. Hope it will provide you all the details about the top 100 Multi Level Marketing companies.

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