what is Ipulse Juice

What Is Ipulse Juice?

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Are you eager to know what iPulse juice is? Your exploration will end here since you may come to the appropriate place. At present, people give much importance to their health. As we are on a busy schedule, our body fails to receive a properly balanced diet and this leads to poor health conditions. Even though the market is overflowing with a number of medicines to provide essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins, they are not natural and so, affect your health as dangerously as possible. So, what I have to do? This is where I-Pulse comes with full of antioxidants with superfruits. The juice consists of 15 different fruits including Acai berry, which is the most significant ingredient rich in antioxidants. It boosts your body immunity a lot.

Why do you need I-Pulse?

Apart from a range of antioxidants, iPulse contains gluconutrients, micronutrients, energizing compounds, and trace minerals. The extracts include the fruit juices of Acai berry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, mulberry, cranberry, banana, pomegranate, orange, apple, pear, cherry, Concord grape, pineapple, kiwi, and white grape.

What are the perks you get from I-Pulse?

Boosting your immune system:

If you consume iPulse every day, your immune system gets improved. So, your body receives enough power to combat several kinds of diseases.

Excess nutrition supply:

  • A 60ml product has the nutrition value of
  • 3.5 kg of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin C in 70 glasses of orange juice
  • Antioxidants in 100 cups of green tea

Antioxidants enhancer:

Inhaled oxygen usually reacts with our body. By nature, we have antioxidants in our body. However, the absence of a proper diet creates an imbalance in the level of oxidants and antioxidants. This results in oxidative stress, which in turn causes aging, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, stroke, and infertility. Thus, our body wants enough antioxidants to compete with that oxidative stress. Our everyday life minimally needs 5000 ORAC of antioxidants for a normal person so that the consumption of iPulse offers 7000 ORAC of antioxidants to everyone. Moreover, it prevents our body cells and cell membrane from damages.

Body strengthening:

Together with food digestion, several organic ingredients used in the products help to improve your body organs like kidneys, eyes, and liver. It also removes bad cholesterol by offering essential oils and fatty acids. Thus, the cells can easily communicate with the body and strengthen your nervous system.

Stops premature aging:

The use of various fruit juices detoxifies your body, removes free radicals, and keeps premature aging under control.

Heart health:

I-Pulse has a resveratrol component, which is good for our health since it improves heart function. The ingredient gets extracted from black grape seeds to minimize cardiovascular issues.

Reduce the growth of cancer cells:

The active ingredient Acai berry has different anticancer properties and therefore, it helps in preventing the development of different cancer cells. Consuming this drink assists the astronauts to protect themselves from skin cancer and radiation.


People of all ages can consume iPulse safely. It is free from side effects. You can consume it as far as you want with no prescriptions. Even, breastfeeding and pregnant women can also have this drink. Don’t forget to refrigerate the drink once you have broken the seal. In fact, people with hypertension and diabetes can safely intake this I-Pulse.

Bottom lines:

No doubt, I-Pulse will be a premium, superior quality health product to offer complete nutrition. People’s lifestyle has seen many changes because of food consumption that includes different kinds of chemicals, radiation, and pollution. With a package of vitamins and minerals, I-pulse helps in eradicating the dangerous effects caused by pollution and chemicals present in your body.


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