PV in IndusViva

What is PV in IndusViva?


IndusViva is a direct selling MLM company in India, which started in 2014. The company has received registration from the MCA and also has its headquarter in Bangalore. It has all the essential certificates to become the best direct selling company to sell health and wellness products legally. Even, it is one of the members of FICCI. The company markets five different health products and each product has a well-designed website too.

What is a business plan?

Keep in mind that IndusViva is a network marketing company that needs to add people as direct sellers. They are also referred to as the Member, Associate, or Distributor of the company. As per the terms and conditions related to direct selling, you are not charged any entry fee. However, you need to purchase products of a certain worth. As an average, you need to have 200 PV in the company. This simply means that you ought to get products worth 25,000 rupees. You can use these for any of your purposes or else sell them to others.

What can you do after becoming a member of Indusviva?

  1. Product buying:

You are recommended to purchase the products offered by the company once you have become its member. In fact, the products are offered at the distributor price, which is quite less compared to the actual MRP.

Initially, you have to purchase the product at the MRP price and later, you will get 20% cashback. Separate delivery charges are applicable to each product.

You can use the product yourself or sell them to enjoy the retail profit.

  1. Recruitment:

It is important to connect with more recruitment people. The network has both upline and downline. The upline will be people who connected you to this MLM whereas the downline will be ones who you have added below you. To increase the network, adding more people is essential.

Binary plan of Indusviva:

Simply adding people does not give you any money. But, you can earn it through product purchases. Even though you have many individuals in your downline, you will not receive any income if they won’t purchase any company’s product. On the other hand, your income will get increased, though your downline has only a few members who get products on a monthly basis. Your upline members will also receive some percentage of your profit when you and your downline get each product.

Income plan of Indusviva:

Get to know about certain significant points before understanding what is IndusViva income plan?

PV calculation: Here, PV refers to the point value that depends on your accounted income. The company previously fixed the PV of every product. The direct sellers have it while making every purchase.

In the case of Indusviva, the average value of 1PV equals 100 rupees. For instance, If a product has 25 PV, you need to pay 2500 rupees for it.

GV calculation: GV is nothing but group volume. It looks similar to PV. But, you should not confuse with GV and P as both of them give you different incomes. The PV, which your downline earns, will become GV for you.

Guidance for earning money from Indusviva:

Add people to your downline to build the network. If your downline members buy products of 200 PV, you will get 200 GV in your downline. Your income is 5% of 200 GV, which means 10 GV.

Here, 1 GV equals 100 rupees and so, your income will be 1000 rupees in addition to the team bonus.

Your GV will become zero if you received the income. The GV amount will again increase if other purchases product in your downline.

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