benefits of I Pulse

What is the benefit of I Pulse?

ipulse plus

The people are becoming more mindful about their health. Due to the heretic plan; they are not ready to care for them, ending in many species of disease. It all starts with poor nutrition but the main obstacle is common and frequently class people, they do not fault in nutrient juices. So how to accomplish that amount of nutrients and antioxidants that day require in a diet it’s understood they can’t consume 4kg of fruit and vegetable in regular diet calendar.

To over this problem, the people can take an antioxidant juice, but they are a lot of drugs in the market which provides them fascinating sort of minerals, nutrients, and vitamin. Which a is important for them in daily lifetime, but in the end, they are fake; and put some serious impact on their wellness in a long time

To overcome these issues Indusviva launched a product called I pulse. Indus viva is one of the kinds of business in the health and wellness industry. There are headquartered in viva tower, Bangalore, India, the goods are Ayurvedic wellness additions, validated by modern science. The topmost product is I Glow, I Slim, I Charge, I pulse, and I Coffee.

I pulse carry out

The main ingredient of i-PLUS is acai of amazon which is rich in antioxidants. It has a concentrate of 16 fruits in the form of juice which is blended with antioxidants and anther super fruits. According to reach acai berry is the most powerful immune booster for the body.

I pulse contains

It contains a wide range of Variety of antioxidants which include cyaniding, quercetin, anthocyanin’s, Gallic acid, ellagitannins, stilbenes, and ellagic acid with glu conutrioent, trace minerals iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium energizing elements, and micronutrients silica. And also 15 kind’s fruits are added.

The benefit of I pulse drink

Nutrition: it has 3.5kgds of fresh garden fruits and vegetables. This is equal to 70 glasses of vitamin c and 100 cups of green tea.

Immune booster: It increases the power of the body to fight various types of bacteria and viruses.

Strengthens the body:  

The organic ingredient helps to strengthen the organs of the body. It also helps to reduce cholesterol and inhibits platelet aggregation. It gives an essential fatty acid and essential oil to the body which enhances the cellular link between the bodies and builds proteins and also strengthens the nervous system.


The blend superfluity’s enriched with several of antioxidants a limit which is again to types of the harmful effect of oxidative in the body. The slowdowns the aging process which neutralizes the free radicals and reactive oxygen species which

Good heart

The product or drink is good for the heart because it improves the functioning of the heart. This drink as black grape seeds which help to reduce the cardiovascular problem.


The acai berry (anticancer properties) helps to prevent various types of cancer. This superfruit drink protects the astronauts from various types of radiation and skin cancer.

Rich in antioxidants

The oxygen we intake in the body reacts and oxidants with the body to prevent the body which is already antioxidant give to paver diet it is to imbalance link oxide and antioxidant in the body and it leads to oxidative stress. In daily rounds, a normal person can have this drink up to 60 ml.

This product is highly rich in antioxidants and it can be consumed by normal people too. It strengthens the cell membranes. I pulse drink as a premium certificate due to various health benefits. It contains various types of vitamin, mineral amino acid, and antioxidant which help to neutralize various harmful essential in the body


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